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15th January 2020: Package of resources for reconciliation in the face of Brexit, Megxit and everything else...Find them here >>

17th November 2019: Spirituality and music tracks and lyrics >>

28th November 2019: more on fractals >>

28th November 2019: Blessing for Thanksgiving >>

28th November 2019: Blessing for Father's Day >>

20th April 2019: Blessing for Easter >>

28th March 2019: Blessing for Mothering Sunday >>

12th February 2019: Blessing for Lovers on Valentine's Day >>

4th February 2019: Blessing for those whose New Year Resolutions have failed >>

4th February 2019: Blessing for those celebrating Chinese New Year >> Blessing for those celebrating Lunar New Year >>

6th January 2019: Blessing of a home on Epiphany (January 6th) >>

31st December 2018: Blessing on New Year's Eve >>

27th November 2018 Info about the Visual Commentary on the Bible (VCS) discovering the Bible stories through beautiful works of art. Find out all about this extraordinary project here >>

27th November 2018 Blessing for the Lighting of a Christmas Tree (in Church) >> and Blessing for Decorating a Christmas Tree (in the home) >>

7th November 2018 Ideas for Advent Journeys in the Do section here >>

29th October 2018 Prayers and Blessings for people going out on Hallowe'en >> and here >>

29th October 2018 Next year's CTBI Lent course from the Mission Theology Advisory Group will be on 'The Mystery of God'. Keep an eye out for more information here >>

29th October 2018 Spiritual Journeys has been spruced up and is now mobile friendly! Check out all the latest on your phone.

8th February 2018: Want ideas for Lent? Check out things to try in the Do section here >>

8th February 2018: Lent starts on Ash Wednesday which is also Valentine's Day. Find out about Find out what Ash Wednesday is all about here >> and more about the readings for Ash Wednesday here >>

8th February 2018: Conversation starter from spiritual seeker groups on Doctor Who 2017 Christmas episode. How do we face death? What happens after we die? What is the message of Love at Christmas? Check it out in the Dream section here >>


11th August 2017: Professor John Drane talks about the spirituality of the Manchester One Love concert. Check out his insights here >>

11th August 2017: resource for talking about the film Passengers. Would you condemn someone to die and lose all their dreams in order not to be lonely? Discuss here >>

28th February 2017: It's Ash Wednesday tomorrow. Find out what Ash Wednesday is all about here >> and more about the readings for Ash Wednesday here >>

Lots of things to do for Lent. Get ideas and resources here >>

7th February 2017: News about the global prayer initiative Thy Kingdom Come, with a video from the Archbishop of Canterbury, jogging, making coffee, playing with a dog and praying. Find out about his personal faith and join with others in prayer. Find out about it here >>

7th February 2017: Book discussion - Emma Donoghue's The Wonder. Fancy an intriguing read? With some questions to think about. Download it from the Dream section here>>

7th February 2017: News about things to do or to think about in Lent. Have a look at this year's suggestions in the Do section, including CTBI's Lent course on the encounter with other faiths and the new Lent course from CUF. Plus all the resources still available from previous years here >>


7th February 2016: Looking for things to do or to think about in Lent. Have a look at the suggestions in the Do section, including the Rethink Church photo project, CTBI's Lent course on Pilgrimage and of course MTAG's beautifully illustrated courses on Sense Making Faith and the Unreconciled. Find about about these and other things to do in Lent here >>

11th January 2016: Following the death of music legend David Bowie, the Dream/film section has a discussion starter for the Lazarus track everyone is talking about. What's it all about? Find out here >>

1st January 2016: Happy New Year to everyone who regularly uses this site! 2016 promises to be a good one for new content and new ideas for all interested in spiritual journeys.

25th August 2015: Malcolm Guite's new collection Waiting on the Word (A poem a day for Advent, Christmas and Eiphany) draws together poems by revered authors (as well as some of his own) and adds his own reflections. The book is available from Canterbury Press from 31st August 2015 >>

25th August 2015: Exploring the meaning, importance and spirituality of objects: The Intimate:Inanimate Project collects stories about how particular objects connect us to memories, hope, reconciliation. The stories include objects as diverse as a teddy bear, a jumper and a harmonica. Includes the Bishop of Liverpool talking about his 'Barlow' stick. Explore here >>

16th July 2015: added suggestions for wedding and funeral poems to explore. Scroll down the poems page for other suggested writers. In the Dream section here >>

15th July 2015: More poetry in the Dream section here>>

15th July 2015: article on recent research into whether rosemary really is for remembrance. In Explore/smell here >>

2nd February 2015: Awaken the Spirit: A bible for Spiritual Seekers with contributions from writers and artists and including John and Olive Drane, Mike Frost and Steve Hollinghurst. Find out about it here >>

2nd February 2015: Helping vulnerable children: Lent suggestions from The Children's Society here >>

20th January 2015: Thinking about Lent? Plenty of resources in the Do section here>>

20th January 2015: in the Dream section, discussion starters on Charlie Brooker's White Christmas and music video from Hozier, 'Take me to Church'.


19th December 2014: Christmas and Carols: a reflection from Rev Canon Dr Vicky Johnson >>

28th November 2014: Lots of great resources for Advent! Explore Advent in the Explore/see section and have a look at the Do section as well! Reflections, services, things to do each day in Advent and regular Advent calendars as well.

7th November 2014: Centenary of beginning of the First World War. As we remember what happened 100 years ago, we offer 12 reflections: Mud; Rats; Lice; and Poppies (updated). Cigarettes; Sons; Daughters; and Ghosts. Guns; Wire; Gas; and Shrapnel. Reflections and prayers on spiritual issues in the First World War. Find them in the Dream section here >>

29th October 2014: 'The Point of the Nails' by Bishop Graham Kings is added to his collection of poetry here >>

22nd October 2014: African artists pay homage to Dante: hell, heaven and purgatory. In the Explore section here >>

21st October 2014: Reminder: lots of resources for November season, including Hallowe'en, All Saints and All Souls here >>

21st October 2014: What makes a 'good' man? Reflections on 'Into the Dalek', 'Listen' and 'Mummy on the Orient Express' in TV series Dr Who. In the Dream section, here >>

26th August 2014: Reflections on first episode of new Dr Who series, Deep Breath. In the Dream section, here >>

21st August 2014: Pinterest board on icons in Anglican churches. In the See section here >>

6th August 2014: The actor David Suchet has recorded the complete Bible. If you want to listen to a first class reader reading the Scriptures find out about it here >>

4th August 2014: Faith and Love in the First World War. To add to the many commemorations of the centenary, we have produced a number of reflections on the human spirit facing the conditions of warfare. The first four are published today and reflect on Mud; Rats; Lice and Poppies. More will follow later. You can find the reflections here >>

30th July 2014: Jonny Baker: contributing to Memory, a photo exhibition at St Mary's Ealing in September. Find out about it here >>

30th July 2014: Jonny Baker: The Presence of Silence, pop-up photo exhibition at the Greenbelt festival. Find out more here >> and about this year's Greenbelt faith, arts and justice festival here >>

30th July 2014: new and timely book from Brian Castle. Reconciliation: the Journey of a Lifetime. Find out about it here >>

5th March 2014: If you've visited the 'touch' part of the Explore section and read about the Garments of Gethsemane, you might enjoy this video of textile artist and Church of England vicar Peter Privett talking about how he made them. See the video here >>

28th February 2014: even more resources for Lent: food and fasting; all age worship; marking Ash Wednesday with children. Explore here >>

26th February 2014 Resources for Lent. Information about what happens on Ash Wednesday here >> Also ideas for Lent study and Lent courses here >>

26th February 2014 Resources for Lent. Andy Freeman's downloadable book on St Francis of Assisi has 40 days of thoughts, reflections, prayer and action. Find out about it here >>

26th February 2014 Resources for Lent. Fr Edward Rennard has produced a Lent course based on images of Jesus. More visual, less wordy than some courses. Taking place in the Blyth Valley Team Ministry, in and around Halesworth in Suffolk.

15th January 2014: Study Day on New Monasticism on 15th February. Find out about it here >>

13th January 2014: new to this site or come here often? The number of visitors to this site have increased dramatically in the past few months as more and more people are finding helpful resources to support their own spiritual journey or to those with whom they work. Hopefully, in 2014, you will find all kinds of interesting ideas and materials to help you. If you can't find what you're looking for, use the Ask page to let us know what you need.

13th January 2014: Using apps to support your spiritual journey? Jonny Baker talks about it and invites people to share their experiences here >>

10th December 2013: Looking for inspiration for the spiritual journey through music? Check out music suggestions, including from nChant here >>

26th November 2013: even more ideas for Advent in the do section >> but don't forget our Spiritual Journey for Advent!

20th November 2013: A Spiritual Journey for Advent - journeying with the Magi. Four reflective resources with pictures for each Sunday in Advent plus one for Christmas. In Word or in PDF here >>

20th November 2013: updated resources for Advent in the Do section here >>

1st November 2013: Malcolm Guite's Sonnet for All Saints Day. His new collection of poems, The Singing Bowl is out now.

30th October 2013: Wondering what Hallowe'en is all about? Explore its origins and customs here>> Also: reflective resources for linking All Hallows Eve (Hallow'e'en) to All Hallows (All Saints) and All Souls. In the Dream section here >>

22nd October 2013: In the Look section: Prince George's christening - simple explanation of what baptism is, where it comes from and what happens >>

Also a link to the Archbishop of Canterbury talking about the 'hugely important' christening. Find out here >>

18th October 2013: In the Look section: The Spirit of Things Unseen: belief in post-religious Britain. The Theos thinktank finds that 77% of all adults in their research believe in the 'spiritual'. Find out about their research here>>

16th October 2013: five reflective resources for use in November season. use individually or in groups: Introduction; Remembering the Dead; Facing the Monsters; Becoming a Phoenix; Being at Peace; Christ the King: ends and beginnings. In the Dream section in both Word and PDF formats >>


16th October 2013: news about the Pilgrim Course - ways to explore the Christian faith. Find out about it here >>

18th June 2013: Reflection and discussion questions on Man of Steel, the new Superman movie. In Dream/Film here >>

18th June 2013: If you liked the material on Fractals, you might like artist Dave Makin's fractal gallery here >>

4th June 2013 Artist Colin Brown's exhibition 'Opeways' hopes to draw people into the spirituality of Cornwall. Find out about Opeways here >> Also in Explore/See.

4th June 2013 Robin Greenwood: new book Being Church from SPCK. Read about it here >>

30th May 2013 The site links have been checked and the site tidied up with new content added in many sections. Check your favourite bits of the site for latest additions.

21st March 2013 Synopsis and discussion questions on Kate Atkinson's novel Life after Life >>

15th March 2013 Reflection and discussion questions on episode 6 of the Channel 4 series Derek. Is there one person in the world Derek cannot forgive or be kind to?

27th February 2013 Reflections and discussion questions on Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror series:

Be Right Back: what if you could resurrect the dead person you loved?

White Bear: suppose you could use technology to punish people forever?

The Waldo Moment: who represents what we want, and do we care?

7th December 2012 Archbishop Rowan's Advent poem 'Advent Calendar' can be found through the link here>>

7th December 2012 Looking for things to do and think about in Advent. Check out links for inspiration here >>

7th December 2012 News about Abide and the Five Rhythms of Grace. Find out about it here >>

14th November 2012 Reflections on 'Death and Resurrection in Skyfall'.

23rd May 2012 Further resources on reconciliation related to our book Unreconciled? including emotion maps of stories from Scripture and reconciliation games for children and adults.

23rd May 2012 Diamond Jubilee resources here >>

23rd May 2012 Find out what Simon Small is doing, thinking and sharing in the field of spirituality at his website here >>

9th May 2012 The sermon ideas section on the Look page now contains a series of ideas for current topics of interest gathered up from The Mission Theology Advisory Group's Facebook contacts. If you're giving a talk or a sermon or just searching for insights you might find inspiration here >>

9th May 2012 House md discussion: what makes a 'fulfilled' life?

25th April 2012 House md discussion - do dreams mean anything and what brings healing - western medicine or religious ritual?

23rd April 2012 The University of Hull has published a report on the spirituality of funerals. Check it out here >>

21st April 2012 The sermon ideas section on the Look page now contains a series of ideas for current topics of interest gathered up from The Mission Theology Advisory Group's Facebook contacts. If you're giving a talk or a sermon you might find inspiration here.

29th February 2012 David Mach 'Die Harder' crucifixion at Southwark Cathedral. Follow the links about it here >>

29th February 2012 House md discussion - if something bad happens, should we always be able to find someone to blame? >>


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