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Below you can explore essays written by theologians and other academics looking at modern theological themes and their relevance to the world we live in today. There is more writing of this sort in the Dream section of this website.

The University of Hull have produced a report on the Spirituality of Funerals >>

Check it out at http://www2.hull.ac.uk/fass/pdf/final.pdf


> Understanding the spirituality of people who don't go to church >>
A report on the findings of the Adults' Spirituality Project
at the University of Nottingham by David Hay & Kate Hunt


Freedom from the tyranny of faith >>
"The Christian religion is a very powerful and very convincing mistake, that's all." - This essay looks at Philip Pullman's portrayal of Christianity and the Church and asks whether we could rise to his challenge with some of his own creativity, thoughtfulness and celebration?


Olive Drane on mask making, healing persons and practical theology>>

Paper with appendix on practical mask-making


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